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From quotes to statistics

Freight transports require a joint effort. Each person must perform his or her task, then pass the baton to the next person. Sometimes a task is not completed or it may be performed incorrectly, and at other times information is not communicated in the correct way. Opter ensures every step in the process and assists in the digital, paper-free communication of information for improved quality and profitability.

Which is the weakest link in your transportation chain?

The transportation process generally consists of eight main features, each with access to a specific set of tools and features in Outer.

The seller generates freight quotes directly in Opter, for use by order-takers. Opter provides the tools for sales representatives to follow up with their customers, see what they are ordering, what needs to be prioritized, and determine which customers have not been very active.

As a freight sales representative, you will always have access to updated information about your customers.


Automated communications between Opter and your customers’ business systems


Increase your accessibility to your customers. Your customers will always have access to their freight information through different EDI solutions, the Opter website or their own start page. The solutions allow your customers to:

  • Schedule shipments
  • Obtain status updates for ongoing assignments
  • Search history, export history to Excel
  • Review digital signatures and/or scanned freight bills
  • Print shipping documents for scheduled orders (SIS, CMR, labels)
  • Make price inquiries
  • Print nvoices

With Opter you can even let the system send automatic notifications to your customers by email or text message, as the freight work progresses. You will save time while your customers enjoy improved service.


Recording details about an assignment is quick and easy, whether the information is obtained from a phone conversation or a freight bill.

You customize your order forms to suit your business, by deciding which fields should be optional and which ones should be required. By handling addresses, distances, customer agreements, and several other parameters in the background, the system automatically calculates the price based on given parameters.

With the help of different order templates, the work of registering orders will always be quick and simple, regardless of the type of orders you work with.


When the order is registered, it is handled simply and efficiently by the freight scheduler. Opter provides continuous real time information about scheduled assignments, resource performance updates, and availability.

As freight manager, you decide how to proceed and how to select your information. Whether you schedule the transport from point A to point B or you decide to reload the cargo along the way, you’ll get the help you need to make the right decision.

With its communications and positioning solutions, Opter facilitates communication between the freight manager and the drivers, carriers and suppliers, while freeing up critical time.


Smart solutions facilitate the communication between the freight manager and the vehicle. Opter supports the communication with different types of devices, such as smartphones (Android), different types of tablet computers, text messaging to cell phones or to external vehicle systems.

Our mobile solutions facilitate the communication of job orders to the driver and support the re-reporting of status, weights, volumes, discrepancies, digital signatures, etc.

Opter also allows drivers/carriers to retrieve details via the web about scheduled drives and completed assignments, clearances, etc.


Streamline your administration. Because the necessary order details are captured already at the time the order is placed, or by the traffic manager, Opter will contain the information required to generate the invoice.

Ordinarily, you need only approve the order for invoicing and create the invoice with a few clicks. It is similarly easy to clear hired carriers or suppliers.

The system monitors conditions and provides a complete overview of which customers have paid their invoices and which ones need to be sent reminders.


How does your business work? Opter provides a tool that gives you continuous overview of your key indicators. The system delivers ongoing details about different types of operational data.

For example, details about vacancies, which customers and services are the most profitable, delivery timeliness, damages and expected costs.



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