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Behind the scenes

Opter is based on Microsoft Windows and was developed for .NET using C# and data are stored in Microsoft SQL Server. This means that Opter is ready for future versions of Windows, is easy to upgrade and maintain and supports communications with other systems.


settings2If your applications are maintained by an IT services company, you can keep Opter there as well. This means that the software is installed with your partner and then the system is run over a network (e.g. the internet). In this way, you can access Opter wherever you are. Naturally you can also install Opter directly in your own IT environment.

.NET och SQL server

Microsoft Windows is an accessible and easily administered platform for our clients. Opter is built using Microsoft’s .NET technology with C#. The information is stored in Microsoft SQL Server.

We also use Android to give your drivers a modern and cost effective way of communicating about their assignments.


downloadOur automated updating function ensures that you have the current version of Opter. The updates contain both upgrades and entirely new functions.

System requirements

plugYou can run Opter on an ordinary modern work-station with Windows XP or later. The system is installed on a Windows server. There are several configurations to choose among. Contact us and we’ll find the solution that’s best for you.


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